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Ashcroft in the News

“Gun Shows and Terrorists,” Washington Post, December 16, 2001

“Eight Amendments, but Only the Second Seems Safe,” Newsday, December 11, 2001

“U.S. will lock people up, but not check on guns,” Montreal Gazette, December 11, 2001

“Ashcroft Take on Gun Buys Is Just Insane,” New York Daily News, December 10, 2001

“Ashcroft sticks to his guns,” San Francisco Chronicle, December 10, 2001

“Ashcroft guns to seal image as far-right nut,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 9, 2001

“When Terrorists Bear Arms,” Washington Post, December 8, 2001

“Ashcroft shoots self in the foot,” Charlotte Observer, December 7, 2001

“Ashcroft Defends U.S. Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Saying That ‘We Are at War’; Attorney general tells lawmakers he won’t support FBI background checks on gun buyers to aid in attack inquiry,” Los Angeles Times, December 7, 2001

“Ashcroft Blocks FBI Access to Gun Records,” Washington Post, December 7, 2001

“Justice Department Bars Use of Gun Checks in Terror Inquiry,” New York Times, December 6, 2001

“5th Circuit Gives Ammo to Both Sides in Gun Control Debate,” Legal Times, October 22, 2001

“U.S. Court Upholds Ownership Of a Gun as Constitutional Right,” Washington Post, October 17, 2001